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  • Glühwein

    Mulled Wine and Aperitif

    We toast to the year 2022 and say Thank you!
    Thank you for the many wonderful moments together, the great commitment of the alumnae and alumni, the successful mentoring and the innovative achievements of our scholarship holders.
    We are looking forward to the convivial evening and to a diverse new year 2023 with attractive activities, adventurous experiences and a lot of enthusiastic momenta!

  • Science Alumni UZH Scholarships

    Scholarships for Bachelor and Master Students

  • Kick-off Event Mentoring

    Sign up for Science Alumni UZH Mentoring now

  • Irchel

    Extraordinary General Assembly Science Alumni UZH

    Dear members of Science Alumni UZH

    We cordially invite you to the Extraordinary General Assembly.

  • M.Sc. Sabine Frei - Leitung Vermittlung und Besuchsbetrieb Foto: 2022©Kulturama, Joanna Lesniewska

    EARTH AT ITS LIMIT - Invitation to the Special Exhibition at Kulturama

    How is the Earth Doing in the Age of Humans?

    The influence of humans on the earth has become unmistakable. Habitats are being shaped by human activity to an unprecedented extent. Land, water, air, climate - and thus the living conditions of all earthly creatures - are directly influenced. Kulturama shows us in a sensitizing way how our way of living on this celestial body is pushing our habitat to its limits. Welcome to the Anthropocene, the age of humans - to marvel and at the same time to fear.

  • Swiss SynBio Meet-Up 2022

    Swiss SynBio Meet-Up 2022

    The iGEM UZH, UNIL and EPFL are organising a Swiss SynBio Meet-Up to exchange about synthetic biology and discover the teams' projects.

  • alumni&family

    UZH Alumni & Family

    ►Cool Workshops for Kids (age 10-13)
    ►BBQ für all at Campus Irchel
    ►Tour at the UZH Museum of Anthropology

  • Zoo

    13.07.2022 Science Alumni UZH at Züri Zoo

    You are cordially invited to the Züri Zoo tour with Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Hatt and Prof. Dr. Marcus Clauss

  • Higgs@10

    UZH Physik-Institut Higgs@10 Walk

    03. - 04.07.2022 

    Let's celebrate the tenth birthday of the Higgs particle at the Irchel campus! 

  • Scholarships 2022

    Science Alumni UZH Scholarships 2022

    For Bachelor and Master Students of MNF UZH who wish to enrich their scientific work at UZH with a stay abroad and new experiences!

  • helm

    Geography Alumni UZH - Visit to the Käpfnach coal mine

    Visit to the former mine near Horgen with tunnel ride and visit to the mining museum

  • Science and Nature Festival 2022

    Science and Nature Festival 2022

    Cordial invitation to «Discover, Explore, Celebrate Diversity» 
    On June 11, 2022, the UZH Faculty of Science's public Science and Nature Festival will take place on Irchel Campus.

  • Planet Digital

    Planet Digital Special

    We cordially invite you to the "Planet Digital" Special at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich!

    Dr. Katharina Weikl, project manager and curator, together with MA Manuel Kaufmann, curatorial assistant, from the Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich - the initiator of the exhibition - will personally lead through "Planet Digital"!

    This gives you unique insights into the current exhibition on the digitization of our world at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.

  • Flowers

    General Assembly 2022

    Tuesday, 17. May 2022, Seminar Room Y13-M-12, 18.00 – 21:00


  • basel

    Geography Alumni UZH - Day excursion urban planning in the border triangle Basel

    Insights into cross-border cooperation in urban development between the neighbouring cities of Basel-Stadt, Weil am Rhein, Huningue and St. Louis, in close coordination with the Swiss Rhine ports

  • ZFB 2022

    Zürich Springball 2022

    Zürich Springball 2022
    ​​​​​​​Come to Theater Spirgarten on May 7, 2022 and dance with us to swing, jive, Viennese waltz, cha-cha-cha and tango!

  • Shrimps

    Shrimps from Switzerland? How does that work?

    We cordially invite you to Rheinfelden for a special Science Alumni UZH event!

    Visit the company  SwissShrimp AG together with us, in which shrimps are grown.

  • Eva

    "The Truth about Eve"

    In his public lecture on April 26, 2022, the anthropologist Prof. Dr. em. Carel van Schaik will tell us "The Truth About Eve"!

    This lecture will be given in German.

    Tuesday, 26.04.2022

    UZH Irchel, Y13-M-12, 18:15 Uhr

    UZH - Pläne und Orientierung

    Registration or

  • Urania

    Urania Sternwarte

    🌟 Fascinated by the stars?

    The Urania Observatory is looking for demonstrators!

  • gsk_vsuzh

    Presentation Mentoring Programs UZH

    @VSUZH Equal Opportunities Commission
    Gleichstellungskommission (@gleichstellung_vsuzh) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

  • ensovibep

    Public lecture: ensovibep – a journey from basic research to the development of a promising Covid-19 drug

    The innovative team at Molecular Partners AG has succeeded in developing an effective drug for people suffering from Covid-19. This pharmaceutical company is a spin-off of the Department of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Zurich: the technology was originally developed in the laboratory of Prof. Andreas Plückthun.

  • Open Day

    Department of Physics of the University of Zurich - Open Day

    Dear Alumni of the Department of Physics

    We are very glad to invite you to the 2021 Open Day of the Department of Physics of the University of Zurich, which will take place Friday November 26nd, 2021 -  if covid rules permit.

  • Science Alumni UZH - Mentoring - Speed-Dating

    Science Alumni UZH - Mentoring - Speed-Dating

    Are you interested in promoting youg talents? Are you a seasoned professional and have a good rapport with younger people?
    Then Science Alumni UZH Mentoring is the right place for you! 

  • short 4. GSFF

    4. Global Science Film Festival