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  • Mentoring Community Meetings

    Meetup for inspiring exchanges, future plans, fun and more provided by Mentoring Peers

  • New Publication: Humans and Other Animals

    The "Anthropological Difference" Put to the Test

    Dr. phil. Bruno Lanfranconi

  • The Phenomenon of Chirality

    Let Dr. Manzardo introduce you to the world of chemistry!

  • Generative AI - Advances in Language Technology

    Get introduced into the functionality of large language models and learn more about the functions of ChatGPT in text generation and translation via application examples.

  • General Assembly 2024

  • A Vine for the King

    On the occasion of a visit, the God of Wine, Dionysos, presented King Oineus with a gift: a vine.
    Dionysos also taught the king the art of viticulture, which wine artists will introduce you to at this event.

  • Mushroom Walk Sihlwald

    We cordially invite you to a mushroom walk. There is not only the wonderful world of mushrooms and the beautiful Sihlwald to discover. Animals will also cross our path.
    The mushroom walk on Saturday is a family event.
    Your children, grandchildren, godchildren and neighbors' children are also very welcome!
    The mushroom walk will be rounded off with a convivial apéro.
    We look forward to exploring the mushrooms - and more - in the Sihlwald with you!

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Life Science Zurich

Ermöglicht Austausche zwischen Forschenden der ETH und der UZH und interessierten Personen über aktuelle wissenschaftliche Themen.

Das Angebot, richtet sich an alle Interessierten.

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Events Geography Alumni UZH

Science Alumni UZH members are cordially invited to Georgraphy Alumni UZH's Lectures and Excursion at the same conditions like Geograhy Alumni UZH members.