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Science Alumni UZH

Student Scholarship 2022

The iGem-Team 2022 consists of 13 motivated biology, biomedicine and biochemistry students at the University of Zurich who are passionate about science and would like to make their contribution to solve a challenge faced by our society. In particular, they want to implement the tools synthetic biology has given on the development of a novel, specific treatment option for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a chronic inflammatory condition found in the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT). They firmly believe that synthetic biology has the power to provide society with revolutionary solutions. Moreover, they are committed to bring science and research closer to the general public by making it accessible and understandable. In addition, participation in this competition allows them to develop and improve their scientific and communication skills to become better researchers in the future and conduct meaningful research with the skills to communicate and address the expectations of the community on the conducted research. They are motivated to make their contribution and help IBD patients in their disease management and thus improving their quality of life. They are committed to integrate their scientific passion, endurance, and innovative approach to tackle the local and international lack of tailored treatment possibilities.