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Gaining knowledge and experience abroad

In order to enable Bachelor and Master Students to enlarge the scope of their research and experience, Science Alumni UZH offers 2-4 scholarships every year. This is intended to give motivated students the opportunity to carry out a research project abroad as part of their bachelor's or master's thesis or a research internship.

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The scholarship for BA and MA students can be up to CHF 5'000. It covers housing and travel expenses for 1-6 months.

The scholarship enables supplementary courses, practical experience in the field of study or the expansion of the impact of bachelor's or master's theses. The stay can be funded for a variable period of time.


Application (1 pdf)

Application Dates (every 6 months)

► 15. November

► 15. May

Application Content

planned activity (1/2 page)

CO2 footprint: how do you keep it small?

personal and scientific motivation (1/2 page)

description of the host organization and added value (1/2 page)


buget? (application as well as other funding sources)
Download Scholarship Budget Template Science Alumni UZH

declaration of support UZH (Letter of recommendation for the applicant from a lecturer at the University of Zurich, supervisor of the research work at the University of Zurich or corresponding study coordinator at the MNF)

confirmation of host university or institute / department (official document with period, planned activity and name of the applicant)

► added value for the University of Zurich through the awarding of scholarships



Applications will be reviewed by the board of Science Alumni UZH.
The applicants will be informed by mail.

Successful applicants sign an agreement with Science Alumni UZH and submit a written report on their activities upon their return (1-3 pages).

Establishing Contacts

Science Alumni UZH can assist in establishing contacts between interested students and researchers at UZH in order to set up a research internship within an existing cooperation. Please contact us without obligation via 

Weiterführende Informationen

Bachelor and Master Students of the UZH Faculty of Science
In an institution abroad
During a 1 to 6 Months stay
Enlarge the scope of research and experience
How much
up to CHF 5'000, depending on research project and location

Application Dates (every 6 months)
15. November
15. May