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Student Scholarships 2020

Congratulations to Jens Oppliger

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Jens Oppliger

Jens Oppliger

I'm currently studying Physics in my last semester in the BSc. My Bachelor thesis in the group of Fabian Natterer was focused on developing a novel measurement protocol for quasiparticle interference experiments with the scanning tunneling microscope. My work is based on the sparsity-relying theory surrounding Compressive Sensing, allowing for a significant reduction of the measurement time. With the support of this fellowship, I will test my method on an actual STM system at the Hoffman laboratory at the Harvard university this summer.

iGem Team UZurich 2020

Plant Immunity based Biosensing

A new type of biosensor for the improvement of Waterquality
In the western world, we take safe drinking water for granted. But in many parts of the world, clean water is a luxury that is not always available. It takes an enormous amount of effort to ensure that our water is safe for use and free of contamination. New technologies have the potential to make it easier and cheaper to test water, and make clean water more broadly available. To aid in that effort, the iGEM UZurich 2020 aimed to develop a method which detects water contamination by designing a new type of biosensor. To do that, the team made use of the plant immune system.

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