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Info for MNF Members and Alumnae/i

Who can participate?
Members of the UZH Faculty of Science
[students, doctoral students, postdocs, assistant professors, professors] 
Where does the Mentroing take place?
@UZH and further organizations
When does the Mentroing take place?
During 1 year
Why does the Mentroing take place?
Discuss own topics and goals, gain insights into professional life, exchange with experienced mentors - network, make friends
How much does the Mentroing cost?
free of charge - offered by the Faculty, organized by Science Alumni UZH

Info for Students

Science Alumnae/i (Alumnae/i of the Faculty of Science) support you for a year with their knowledge and experience. You can discuss your personal topics and goals with them.

Info for Mentors

Have you studied or worked at the Faculty of Science and are now a professional or emerita/us with a wealth of experience? Would you like to support other MNF members in their development? Then you've come to the right spot with our mentoring for MNF members! Accompany a mentee for a year on the path to the future.


► As Mentee Sign up till 31.10.2024

► As Mentor Registration till 31.10.2024

► Internal Publication of Participants

► Kick-off event and get-to-know each other

► When: 21.11.2024, 7 pm

► Where: University of Zurich Irchel, Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zürich, Y10 G 03/04

► Formation of Mentoring Couples

► Set goals with Mentor and send to till 09.12.2024

► Meetings beween Mentees and Mentors: recommended 2-3 meetings per year

► Evaluationround and Closing, December 2024

► We'll keep in touch 🤝

► If the mentoring is stopped, please notify

Mentoring @UZH and beyond

3 Key Elements to Thriving Mentorship | Janet Phan | TEDxZurich

Over 3000 Years Mentoring


Mentoring has exists since ancient times and is a successful concept for promoting young talent.
Homer describes the concept of mentoring in the Odyssey.
In the ancient Greek epic, which is over 3000 years old, Odysseus places his young son Telemachus in the care of Mentor. Mentor is a loyal companion to Telemachus, advising, caring for and supporting him for decades. 
The two established the first mentoring tandem recorded in writing.
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Mentoring Members

Zoom Anytime Meeting Room für Mentoring

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Next Application Date 31.10.2024