Networking and Career

Carrier & Network

Get Connected - Bridging Science and Business

Companies introduce themselves to students, alumnae and alumni.
The following companies have participated so far

  • Swiss Re
  • Credit Suisse
  • F. Hofmann-La Roche AG
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • McKinsey&Company

Science/Business Lunches

Companies and research groups introduce themselves at Science/Business Lunches for MNF students.  Alumna or alumni give talks about their own careers and provide tips and advice. With lunch, contribution to expenses CHF 5.
Previous participants include

  • Dr. Wolfgang Auwärter, Physicist, KuhnRikon AG
  • Dr. Hermann Escher, Geographer, Swiss Embassy in Tokyo (Japan)

Company Visits

Various company visits provide insights into different industries and service sectors. 

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